Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reading comprehension

I'm very glad I went back to this post a second time. At first, I thought Feiwel & Friends was releasing Wuthering Heights with zombies added - and really, one of those is more than enough.
This is where Brian James, author of Zombie Blondes, comes in. He’s taken the timeless story of Wuthering Heights and set it in modern-day San Francisco. We still have Cathy, young, sweet, and in love with the boy next door, and we have Henry, misunderstood, mistreated, and furious. The book is called The Heights.
So: no zombies in this book, just an updated version of Wuthering Heights - which actually sounds pretty cool.


Brian James said...

Yeah, that would have been a terrible career move for me :)

I hope you check out the Heights...I think it came out really swell.

brian james

Sarah Rettger said...

Anything with an F&F label on it gets a second look from me - they've put out some nice stuff so far, and I love that even the assistants get credit in the finished copies.

The Heights wasn't in the latest pile of F&F ARCs I unloaded yesterday, but I'm watching for it!