Saturday, February 21, 2009

In which I attempt to get through some of the stuff I've starred in my reader over the past month

With all due credit to Deanna Raybourn for the style of the post title. (Go read Silent on the Moor. It's excellent.)

Naturally, I haven't read any of these stories yet, but I will.

I'd be all over this if it were more geographically desirable.

Shannon Hale on the difference between confusion and mystery. (For the record: my protagonist? Rather confused at the moment. Working on that.)

A fake cell phone designed to market Nova Scotia - sweet.

Amy or Jo? How about Jo with a touch of Meg's practicality?

I don't need any more blogs in my reader. I don't. But I looked at Carlie's list anyway.


Speaking of things that let me procrastinate research: Victorian London online! (See also: Jane Austen's World)

I don't think I'm supposed to appreciate CJR's Mad Libs this much. But I do.

Much overdue, but I'm amazed at all the work that went into the KidLitosphere Central.

Vikings and world-building.

Two things I never expected to see adjacent to each other: "Lois Lowry" and "OMG."

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