Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Product placement that worked

(Sort of.)

In Lynda Sandoval's Who's Your Daddy?, one of my favorite overlooked YA books of the past few years - although it looks like S&S rereleased it with a new cover in 2008, so maybe it wasn't as overlooked as I thought - I was introduced to OPI.

(PSA: OPI's website is a Flash monstrosity that seems to have caused a certain amount of havoc in Firefox. Sephora's site might be a better choice if you want to check out the offerings.)

Specifically, the pun-tastic names that OPI gives its nail polish colors:
"Caressa was bent low over my feet, painting my toenails with this sweet OPI shade she'd just bought, 'I'm Not Really a Waitress.' It's kind of a red with sparkly gold in it. I had a hard time deciding between that and another shade from OPI's European collection called 'Amster-Damsel in Distress,' but the gold shimmer in 'Waitress' really won me over."
The names were what won me over. I can't think of another instance in which I've become a fan of a brand just because it appeared in a book.

Even this book - there's a fair amount of brand-dropping, but the references to Lucky Brand jeans didn't do it for me.

You want more examples? How about "A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find?" "Curry Up Don't Be Late?" "Pinko de Gallo?"

Now, it's been the better part of a decade since I actually bought nail polish, so OPI hasn't been benefiting much from my enthusiasm. But when I do get my nails done, I choose from the OPI selection - and I make sure I like the name before I decide on a color.

There's a small bit of anecdata for you.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Buy books (for someone else)

Lots of someones, in fact - the students at Ojo Encino Day School on the Navajo Nation, and Alchesay High School on the White River Apache Reservation. Guys Lit Wire and readergirlz are once again rocking the philanthropy, and they've compiled huge lists of books these kids want.

Go read more, and donate some books.

(Side note: I know. Not a real post. We'll get back to Miss Eyre, Cybils books I still haven't gotten around to reviewing, and why I look for OPI nail polish soon.)