Thursday, December 18, 2008

By the way

I spend a lot of time on Twitter these days. Come join me there!(Why the phone boxes? Because I'm already having fun with my old pics tonight, and they don't get nearly enough attention.)

High School Me!

Visit Tayari Jones' blog to learn why you should post your embarrassing high school photos too!
Please note that I'm not even shying away from the bad pics. This is me turning 17.

Having makeup applied before homecoming sophomore year. (It's one of those skills I never picked up.)

Yes, it was a costume party. I loved that dress, though.Studying while on vacation. Yes, I'm a nerd. Yes, I always was. Better to get these things in the open.Junior prom. And let me tell you, I was so much more comfortable in that than the sweaty girls in their strappy dresses.Graduation day!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I managed to cross off a few more titles on the Cybils list, but it still feels like a long way to go. (In a good way, though! Lots of books I might not have gotten to otherwise.)

There are tons of reviews I'd like to post, but I haven't quite figured out when that's going to happen. For now, here's my endorsement of Jo Walton's Farthing: It resulted in an unplanned trip to Harlem.

(I was reading it on the subway. Between being engrossed in the book and ignoring the announcements because the PA system was pretty poor, I didn't realize the train turned into an express after 59th Street.)