Thursday, April 16, 2009


The three hot chicks (actually, their cage temperature is down to 75 this week) haven't been properly introduced yet. They'd like to say hello.Peck came by her name honestly - given the chance, she'll peck at you. But she's gentle about it. She's also the tallest, and likes to show off. (And she was the one who almost jumped out of the box while I was taking these pictures!)

We got the chicks the day the Pack statue was recovered, so I decided one of the girls should share that name.

And Stripe was the first to start growing real feathers - just like with human girls, some chicks develop a little faster than others.

And because it's been *ages* since I posted any new videos, I'll give the ladies a chance to stretch their wings for you - literally.


Doret said...

ohh A picture book waiting to happen. So sweet

Sarah Rettger said...

They were sweet then, Doret, but a week later they're well on their way to gawky teenager status. I'll have to post some new videos of them trying to fly into each other or all deciding they have to eat from *exactly the same spot in the dish* or something.

But even though I make fun of them, they're still pretty adorable!