Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yes, I've been away from the blog

This was what I did instead of blogging last week:
I was using a scanner, though, so imagine a touch of this thrown in:In short, I spent most of BookExpo America stationed at the door to the ABA Lounge, scanning badges and making sure that only members came in.

I also ended up greeting most of the authors who came by for signings - and as I mentioned earlier, we had a great line-up. Autumn Cornwell was adorable, Michael Reisman was absolutely charming (still kicking myself for not finding out if he's single) and Robin LaFevers and Barry Lyga were both great - I brought home books from all of them, plus a few more.

(Haven't read any of my new books yet; currently rereading Persuasion and catching up on critiques and such.)

And I spent a few days beforehand down in Orange County, trying to remember my way around my former home. (The GPS was much more useful.) Pictures to follow, once I offload them.

Not that I need another project for this summer (that WIP I planned to finish by the end of June? Yeah, about halfway there.), but a recent Fuse post pointed me to the Nancy Drew series Leila did.

Go. Read them all. They're fabulous.

They've also inspired me to do something similar with my stack of Trixie Belden books - and Cherry Ames, if this goes well. Because:
a) The Stratemeyer Syndicate can't have all the glory.
b) When I read these growing up, I always thought it was so cool that the books were set (albeit in a fictional town) just down the road from me. Who needs River Heights?


PJ Hoover said...

I loved Trixie even more than Nancy . Hard to believe. Maybe I'll reread 1-6 as these were my favorites and we can compare notes.

Are you a Trekkie? I so am.

Vivian said...

I bet the BEA was so much fun!

Sarah Rettger said...

Tricia, I'd love to hear your thought on Trixie too!

I'm not a Trekkie - I grew up on Star Wars, not Star Trek - but a few years ago a friend pointed out that the scanners we were using for bookstore inventory looked just like phasers, and the association stuck.

Vivian, it was, even though I didn't really get onto the show floor. And I am not at all disappointed to report that I did not get an invitation to Prince's house (site of *the* party to be at). Four AM is way past my bedtime!

Patty P said...

Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew? Now you're speaking my language!
Had lots of my Santa Barbara writing friends go to the BEA...I was VERY close to signing up, but at the last minute, decided I had too much on my plate. Sigh. They came away with so many great books (including the new Theodosia!)