Thursday, June 26, 2008


I told myself I was going to write tonight. And I'm going to get to it, just as soon as I do a crossword and link to all sorts of wonderful things I haven't had a chance to read this month.

Jezebel remembers Tasha Tudor.

I was vaguely aware of Instructables, but it took Ananka's Diary to really put it on my radar.

The Onion on the hazards of CEO Barbie (via Feministing)

Cynthia Leitich Smith and Dana Reinhardt

Utterly disgusted. Not much else to say about this one.

Look for Whip Cracking Wednesdays at BookMoot this summer.

Everyone's been having fun with Wordle, but I learned about it first on Justine's blog.

Two pieces of history from Boing Boing.

The other Sarah (yeah, like there are only two of us!) sold me on this one.

Jen Robinson gets credit for this one.

A new toy, thanks to Linda Urban.

Libba's Bad Day.

I've kind of had enough of t-shirts at the moment, but I might just have to get myself some Gallagher Gear.

I have a coworker who started his career at Bennett Cerf's Random House - like I needed a reason to read an oral history.

Speaking of oral histories, how is it that I'm only now adding this collection of Freedom Rider reminiscences to my reader? (via Bookslut)
Now that I've read Climbing the Stairs, I'm almost tempted to take Padma Ventrakaman up on her bindi offer. (Or I could just go visit my neighbor who shares all sorts of pretty things she brings back from Mumbai because she has two sons, who are not nearly as fun to dress up as I am.)

Peter Parley did some of his writing and teaching here in Ridgefield, so I'm going to have to follow up on J.L.'s post. (If you're in the area next Saturday, Ridgefield's 300th anniversary celebration continues with a parade and events throughout the day. And if you make it to the parade, see if you can guess which float has been taking up half my garage for the past two weeks.)

Updates from some of the journalists currently reporting from Iraq. (via FishBowlNY)

Okay. Writing. That's the real goal for tonight.

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Cheryl said...

I understand procrastinating well. (laughing) I think a lot of us writers do. And I think, sometimes, that it can be a useful tool; sometimes, when we're procrastinating, it's because we're not quite ready to write, or we're still figuring things out way way way in our subconscious about writing. Do you ever find that? I find if I take breaks during my writing (if I'm needing to) I write better.

I like the links you've put together, too. And hey, since a lot of them are about books and writing, don't they count as, well, work related? (grinning playfully)