Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lit love

In the Guardian's book blog this week, one of the columnists discusses how well her literary loves have aged. (Pretty well, she concludes.)

One of mine, as I mentioned over at Omnibus, is Adam Eddington. So I was thrilled to find out that the latest Fine Lines is about The Moon By Night, starring pre-Adam Vicky.

And with that juxtaposition, I'm trying to remember who my other adolescent literary crushes were:

I cringe at this now, but I'm just going to admit it - Rhett Butler. I spent a good chunk of elementary school wanting to be a man-eating Southern belle. (Yes, it was just as ridiculous as you imagine.)
Jim Frayne
Loyd Peregrina
Philip Hunter
Neil MacNeill (I might not have been so smitten without seeing Stewart Finlay-McLennan play him on TV, but I'd like to think so)
Frederick Garland
John Reid

One thing I've noticed now that I'm no longer sixteen (or maybe just less sympathetic to characters who have significant others while I don't) is that I'm much more accepting of protagonists who don't to everything possible to be with "the one." When I read The Bean Trees in high school, I thought it was a mistake for Esteban to stay with Esperanza, and I couldn't fathom Jane putting off Mr. Rochester when he wanted to buy her jewels and silks. Now, I absolutely agree that he needed to be whipped into shape first.

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