Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Writing space

I included a few of these writers' rooms in an Omnibus post a few months ago. It turns out the Guardian has turned this into a feature now, with even more writers included. A few favorites:

Kate Mosse

Alan Sillitoe

Sue Townsend

Seamus Heaney

Jonathan Safran Foer (although using a picture of the NYPL is really cheating)

Carmen Callil

Colm Toibin (Blogger doesn't like my ASCII accented characters - very sorry, Mr. Toibin)

Mark Haddon

A.L. Kennedy (what is it with all the red walls?)

Rose Tremain

Ian Rankin

Hanif Kureishi

Looking at all these pictures, one thing is clear: I need to get myself a desk.

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