Monday, January 7, 2008

Right, I was supposed to title this before posting...

It's been two weeks since my last post at Omnibus (What can I say? Real work got in the way of work blogging.) and ages since I intended to post here, so here's a list of everything I haven't had a chance to link to:

Critical Mass has a brief interview with Geraldine Brooks, whose People of the Book is hanging out on my TBR list. Stories like hers, or Anne Garrells' Naked in Baghdad, reinforce how amazing it would be to work as a foreign correspondent, and how miserably I would fail in the position.

The Cybils finalist lists are up (try saying that five times fast).

Laurie R. King spent last week on a virtual tour, celebrating the release of Touchstone (also on the TBR list...). Links to the various sites are at Mutterings.

Congratulations to Mitali Perkins, the newest Readergirlz diva!

Six to eight weeks, they say. I'll be watching for updates. What's pathetic is I wrote a paper on the General Re-AIG case a year ago, and I'm not sure I could explain it now.

The Brown Bookshelf is offering their predictions for Coretta Scott King awards. I just read Elijah of Buxton last week, and I'd love to see that win all sorts of things.

At educating alice, Monica has a list of her "Thoughts on Newbery" posts. Speaking of awards...

Since I can't even get reviews written for my own blog, I won't be volunteering for LibraryThing's early reviews. But thanks to their list of ARCs, I just found out that Vianne is coming back!

Sara Lewis Holmes posted a great Mary Oliver piece for the latest Poetry Friday. (Note to self: try, try, to plan ahead so you can actually do your own Poetry Friday posts.) Scroll down to the comments - they're worth it.

I'm not even close to the rewriting stage on my current WIP (I may just set it aside for a while, until I've figured out my main character again - which is pretty much what I've done for the past two months, except I pretended I was writing), but I'm linking to Justine Larbaslestier's post so I remember to reread it once I'm ready to rewrite.

Jen Robinson
is currently answering questions at PBS Parents. One more thing to stay on top of!

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