Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Need a writing prompt?

This guy works with robots, and he thinks that "at some point, we have to get over" emergency shutoff buttons.
Speaking of which: robot bees.
"I can tell you, it's strange to write a research proposal and have half your bibliography be science fiction."
Forget parrots, this beluga is trying to speak human.
A transcript of the Bretton Woods conference was just rediscovered.


david elzey said...

i so wanted that whale to sound human, but it sounds like it learned to speak by watching the swedish chef from the muppets singing sinatra

Sarah Rettger said...

You win today's simile prize! Besides, if the whale had actually succeeded, that would have merited its own post, plus a reread of Arthur C. Clarke's Dolphin Island. It's just sort of trying based on sparse knowledge, like when I try to speak Portuguese.