Friday, August 12, 2011

Chapter 19: Lessons are learned

Lesson 1: It doesn't matter how careful you are with your special communication system, grownups are going to object.
"We have arranged a way to signal with our candles and cardboard. We set the candle on the window sill and make flashes by passing the cardboard back and forth. So many flashes mean a certain thing. It was my idea, Marilla."
Lesson 2: When designing said communication system, make sure the code meshes well with logic.
"Two flashes mean, 'Are you there?' Three mean 'yes' and four 'no.'"
Lesson 3: When begging to go to a concert, muster your arguments.
"Prissy Andrews is going to recite 'Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight.' That is such a good moral piece, Marilla, I'm sure it would do me lots of good to hear it."
Lesson 4: When that fails, Matthew will always succeed.
"Argument was not his strong point, but holding fast to his opinion certainly was."
Lesson 5: Reminding Marilla how much worse you might be is generally a win.
"But then just think of all the mistakes I don't make, although I might."
Lesson 6: Show your lack of interest in a way that leaves no doubts.
"Only one number on the program failed to interest her. When Gilbert Blythe recited "Bingen on the Rhine" Anne picked up Rhoda Murray's library book and read it until he had finished, when she sat rigidly stiff and motionless while Diana clapped her hands until they tingled."
Lesson 7: Look before you leap.
"The two little white-clad figures flew down the long room, through the spare-room door, and bounded on the bed at the same moment. And then—something—moved beneath them, there was a gasp and a cry—and somebody said in muffled accents: 'Merciful goodness!'"
Lesson 8: Rachel Lynde knows everything. Don't even try to fight it.
"Old Miss Barry is rich and they'd like to keep on the good side of her. Of course, Mrs. Barry didn't say just that to me, but I'm a pretty good judge of human nature, that's what."
Lesson 9: Turn your weaknesses into strengths.
"I've been so used in my early days to having people cross at me that I can endure it much better than Diana can."
Lesson 10: Even crotchety old people can surprise you.
"I'm afraid my imagination is a little rusty—it's so long since I used it"


laurie said...

you are writing about my second-favorite book of my life. (second only to "charlotte's web.")

Sarah Rettger said...

My Anne of Green Gables love has a Minnesota connection -- first read it (and saw the movies) when I was a kid in St. Paul!

It's been a long time since I read Charlotte's Web. Definitely going to have to remedy that.