Thursday, June 2, 2011


Track one: Because there's just about no cell signal on the ground floor of the Javits Center, I ended up using my phone to take notes on the 2009 Day of Education keynote at BEA. (Instead of tweeting it, I mean -- that had been my intention.) A couple weeks ago, I discovered that the notes are still on my phone.

Track two: Jill Abramson was just named executive editor of the New York Times, becoming the first woman to hold that position.

Convergence: "jm was 29 when he became newsweek me - feelings of inadequacy..." Translating my notes into actual English, that refers to Jon Meacham's age when he became Newsweek's managing editor. Feelings of inadequacy speak for themselves.

(Post pic: That panel was better known for Sherman Alexie's highly quotable moments, particularly on the subject of e-readers. Not the best picture of me, but um, Sherman Alexie! In pinstripes!)


Marie said...

ahhhh!!! sherman alexie!!! and he's TOUCHING you!!! ahhhh!!!!

Sarah Rettger said...

Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction.

I was all set to ask him to marry me, too, until I found out someone beat me to it.