Monday, April 25, 2011

Percolating blog posts

In addition to the ongoing Men of L'Engle series (new installment on the way soon!) and the upcoming chapter-by-chapter blogging of Anne of Green Gables (which still needs a clever name), there are some big-picture posts that I've been thinking about, but haven't fully pulled together:
  • Making my way through the kids' nonfiction section of the library (back in the day)
  • How eight years of tech and journalism innovation the world of Naked in Baghdad and the Tunisia/Egypt/Libya/Syria/Bahrain/Yemen conflicts
  • Why melancholy, brooding characters are so attractive (both to their romantic interest and to the reader/viewer)
So, one of these days. Got a favorite? Feel free to nag, and it goes to the top of the pile.

(Post pic is me holding the newborn Codename: Princesa, ages ago. Just because I like the lighting. And this blog can always use more images.)


Colleen said...

I want your take on all of this but the one that really jumps is melancholy/brooding characters. From the Brontes to Stephenie Meyer - what is it with angst????? (And I didn't even list all the girls - like Angela Chase from My So-Called Life who I adored.)

I'm back soon - so out of the loop it is awful!

Sarah Rettger said...

Yeah, I threw that out on Twitter last night, and people came up with things (like how we define masculinity) that I hadn't even thought of.

Also, even when making lists I can't remember all the things I want to include, so there's one more future post that will probably appeal to you: why I was thinking about The Madame Curie Complex when I was at the rededication for Wellesley's observatory last week.