Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chapter 25: Ominous forebodings ahead

In terms of plot, not a whole lot happens in this chapter: it's mostly stage-setting for the melodrama that follows.

It's the day before the wedding, and Jane's looking over the already-tagged trunks that they'll be taking on their honeymoon -- and she's not too sure about the label on hers.
Mrs. Rochester! She did not exist: she would not be born till to-morrow, some time after eight o’clock a.m.; and I would wait to be assured she had come into the world alive before I assigned to her all that property.
The foreshadowing music starts... now!

Jane putters around the house and grounds, then finally goes out in a storm to meet Rochester. She's got something on her mind -- plus she wants to see him.

First, Jane tells him about the odd dreams she's been having. And then the definitely-not-a-dream part:
"It seemed, sir, a woman, tall and large, with thick and dark hair hanging long down her back. I know not what dress she had on: it was white and straight; but whether gown, sheet, or shroud, I cannot tell."

"Did you see her face?"

"Not at first. But presently she took my veil from its place; she held it up, gazed at it long, and then she threw it over her own head, and turned to the mirror. At that moment I saw the reflection of the visage and features quite distinctly in the dark oblong glass."
(If this were a modern work, I'd make snarky reference to the obligatory vampire mention here. But I think we can be pretty sure Charlotte Bronte's not making a Twilight reference -- otherwise Rochester would sparkle.)

Rochester mostly tries to laugh it off, but he also tells her to go sleep in Adele's room. Next up: their wedding day, on which we can all deliver a collective smack to Rochester.

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:-) Such a great book.
To answer your question, sadly no, J & I will not be sharing a commute. He goes to Porter Sq, I go to Central. The Harvard tech services department is in Central.