Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good stuff from other blogs

Cool idea from Laurel:
"For any group of (at least) THREE kids (or grownups, I guess) who wants to get together and read THREE books from the list below (that they have not read before) I will offer a FREE SKYPE VISIT to chat with the group about the books they’ve read. I’ll also happily chat about other things, but at the heart of the conversation should be the books on this list."
Read it for the categories:
"Related to this is the explosion of commentary in 2009 around the publishing industry’s future. Pundits bloviated over ebooks in post after post without definition or focus."
If Cheryl hadn't posted this, I probably would not have found a connection between Taylor Swift and my historical WIP:
"The thing that so impresses me about this line is that it implies four layers of relationship in those ten words"
Fascinating ideas, fabulous graf-level linking:
"Here’s a little idea for creating innovation in news coverage: the 100 percent solution. It works like this: First, you set a goal to cover 100 percent of… well, of something. In trying to reach the goal you immediately run into problems. To solve those problems you often have to improvise or innovate. And that’s the payoff, even if you don’t meet your goal."
Katherine takes on picture books:
"Yes, I think price is a factor. No matter how many times these books are going to be read, people see an $18 + price tag on a 32 page book and they balk."
"The maps use typography as the sole visual clue."
In which J.L. Bell makes me reconsider a minor character in said WIP:
"It’s always a printer’s apprentice."
Food for thought:
"Publishers are in the business of linking content to markets, but we’re hamstrung at search because we’ve made context the last thing we think about."
Loads of advice from Deborah Heiligman:
"Transcribe your notes soon after taking them. Write so you can read your handwriting. Make a note of the source if it's not from your head."

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