Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What everyone else is up to

Upcoming: A post on They Also Ran, part of Colleen's month of politics. For now, a collection of links, both kidlit and non.

The ever-fab Elizabeth Peters answers all sorts of questions for Powell's. (via bookshelves of doom) (Naturally, the month I don't read the Powell's newsletter all the way through...)

Kirsten Miller adds to her list of underground cities. (Before climbing down, take a look at the experts.)

Feministing asks why we don't have more Gwen Ifills - they ask the question in the context of presidential debate moderators, but as she's one of the journalists I admire, it's a question that should get more attention.

Errol Morris discusses how easy it is to change our perception of an image by altering the caption - from Hurricane Katrina victims to alleged WMDs. (via both Boing Boing and Gwenda Bond)

Kelly pointed me to some LOLs that don't involve any cats. Instead, they involve a certain world leader and major sporting event.

A post for everyone who's read The Green Glass Sea (even those of us who still haven't gotten an ARC of White Sands, Red Menace...)

It's no secret that I really like Boston. Maud just adds to it.

Also Boston-related - I want time to sit and read through Boston 1775. J.L. Bell has written some fascinating stuff lately, but all I've been able to do is skim. (And thank Ann Rinaldi for stoking my interest in the Jefferson/Hemings relationship.)

The great thing about being a reporter is getting to say things like this: "Quoting [Steve Jobs] calling me a 'slime bucket' is not even remotely problematic. He didn't go off the record for another 10 minutes."

tried out the fish pedicure - I think it actually looks pretty cool. (Says the girl who's never had a normal pedicure.)

Another Very Cool Thing, courtesy of Sara Lewis Holmes - NASA offers a workshop for writers that includes some observing time. Ah, the days of flats and darks and RGBSun...

Joseph Bruchac makes an appearance at Cynsations.

New additions to the TBR list:
High Dive by Tamar Stein
Don't Talk to Me About the War by David A. Adler


Vivian said...

Thanks for the great links!

Kelly said...

Aw, you need to get a pedicure, just once, Sarah! With or without the fish :)

Sara said...

Hey, Sarah! Thanks for the mention. Did you happen to get over to Nancy Kress's blog to read her account of her experience at LaunchPad? Sounds like they cram in an amazing amount in five days.

My daughter recently did a week at the Green Bank telescope in WV. I want her to write it up!