Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So many books

Taking a page from (not to say blatantly copying) Colleen and a host of other bloggers today, I'm listing my most anticipated books of 2008 (so far). Besides the ones I've committed to for the TBR Challenge, I want to read

Path to Punishment, by Jeanette Alsheimer and Patricia Friedle

Defying Dixie: The Radical Roots of Civil Rights, 1919-1950, by Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore (thanks to last week's review in the Post)

The Girl With No Shadow, by Joanne Harris (that's right, a follow-up to Chocolat)
Surprises According to Humphrey, by Betty G. Birney

My Most Excellent Year: A Novel of Love, Mary Poppins, and Fenway Park, by Steve Kluger

Princess Ben, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Ten Cents a Dance, by Christine Fletcher (that one might call for a reread of Last Dance on Holladay Street)

Touchstone, by the amazing Laurie R. King

Wish You Were Here, by Catherine Clark (thanks to Little Willow's review)

Tell Me, Pretty Maiden, by Rhys Bowen (I should probably start at the beginning of the series, but I've recently become a Rhys fan through her posts on The Lady Killers)

Girl Overboard, by Justina Chen Headley

And I'm going to borrow from Sarah Miller (there's that blatant copying again) and mention a few upcoming releases that I've already read and loved:

Trouble, by Gary D. Schmidt. Read it. It's amazing.

Lock and Key, by Sarah Dessen

The Penderwicks on Gardam Street, by Jeanne Birdsall

An Incomplete Revenge, by Jacqueline Winspear. After reading (and rereading, and rereading) Maisie Dobbs, I am amazed by how little I learned about World War I.

The Joys of Love. Yes, a new Madeleine L'Engle.

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Little Willow said...

Girl Overboard is great!

I'm glad that I got Wish You Were Here on your radar. :)